Silhouettes Miraskill - Red & Blue Spots model

Silhouettes Miraskill - Red & Blue Spots model

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Stewart James’ Miraskill has always been part of my close-up mentalism work since I saw Al Koran perform it on British TV, however, I wished to get away from playing cards and also add some extra novelty without losing the strong reaction this always had on my audiences.

Over the years I have presented the effect with red & blue colours, with silhouette cards that depict a man & a woman, or a cowboy & an Indian, I also simplified the working by doing away with the necessity of palming cards.

Your write a prediction on a simple piece of blank paper and this is held by an audience member or left in full view. A number of laminated silhouette cards are shown, and any spectator mixes them together thoroughly. They then remove cards two at a time and should the pictures match (let’s say two Blue Spots) they are put to one side. If two Red Spots match, they are placed into another pile to the other side. Where the pictures do not match these now go into a third discarded pile. Spectators themselves count the cards in the matching piles finding a different number in each pile.

Your prediction that has not been touched and was in full view from the start is read out loud and correctly predicts the difference between the two piles for example ‘I predict that the Blue Spots pile will have two more cards than the Red Spots pile! making the Blue spots the winners by two cards!’ The effect can immediately be repeated with a totally different result!

The spots could represent two different parties in an election or a sporting even. Or for a religious event One spot could represent Evil and the other spot Goodness

I used to have my prediction inside an inflated balloon, at the finish this was burst and the prediction inside red out loud aby a spectator.

All three versions are almost completely self-working and can be presented completely impromptu. Ideal for ZOOM events.

Comes with instructions and a set of 24 laminated cards (approx poker sized) of your choice, either Red & Blue large spots, or Men & Women silhouette cards, or Cowboys & Indians silhouette cards.

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