How to Vanish a President

How to Vanish a President

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This is a very topical gag type of magic that I have recently been having a great deal of fun with.

You display a large envelope that you claim was sent to you from the, “USA White House (fake news) – where I understand the Americans have had a bit of a problem lately!” From inside you take a jumbo-sized picture of President Donald Trump and show it to the audience, both back and front.

“As we all know, he just doesn’t want to retire as President, and no one can convince him otherwise. Really, they should employ a good magician…” and then get everyone to say the magic words ‘Abracadabra it’s time to say goodbye!’ A bit of fun here as you get the audience to say the magic words & do magical gestures and so forth.

When you turn the picture to the front once again Trump has vanished completely leaving in his place a lightning bolt and underneath the word ‘GONE’ as you quip, “… then he would be gone in a flash!”

No flaps or stealing parts away, very easy to do and guaranteed to break the ice of even the toughest audience. It’s also ideal for your Zoom performances.

The late Tommy Cooper would have paid a fair bit for this item, but we offer it to you at a pocket money price and post free within the UK, get it while it is hot!

Comes complete with laminated jumbo sized picture cards (approx 8 x 5.5”, 20 x 14cms), special envelope & instructions.

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