Star Match

Star Match

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An out of this world card effect with not one but FIVE surprise endings!

A spectator is shown ten laminated picture cards each with a different coloured star on its face. Two piles of cards with five cards in each are placed face (star) up upon the table, while you explain your concept that most stars in the sky have a matching counterpart somewhere in the galaxy and based on your theory you have invented a matching game that you call Will Two Stars Match.

The words from the name of your game are spelled out loud by any spectator, one by one, and for each letter you move a card from the top to the bottom of whichever pile the participant indicates, and you explain that at the end of each word the colours of the two stars arrived at will either match or not, as the case maybe, and each set of two cards arrived at (matching or not) at the end of a word are put aside as a pair of fanned cards.

You point out that the spectator had a free choice with each letter – a total of seventeen free choices and didn’t match a single pair of cards. Did they at any time feel a psychic (or hypnotic) influence on their free choices? No matter what they reply each card is turned over to show on the opposite side matching pairs of famous comedy couples, such as Laurel & Hardy, Morecambe & Wise etc, all exactly paired by the spectator’s free choices, proving that your non-verbal psychic (or hypnotic) influence worked perfectly after all!

What a terrific line-up; five applaud-pulling unexpected climaxes to a clever and really baffling effect. Star Match is really easy to do and totally self-working. You will learn it in less than five minutes and carry it with you everywhere.

Comes complete with all the picture cards (approx 5.5 x 4”, 14 x 10cms) & instructions.

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