Barnham Prediction

Barnham Prediction

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Phineas Taylor Barnham was known as the world’s greatest showman in the 1800s. He was probably the only conman to obtain international respectability by taking the dwarf Tom Thumb to Buckingham Palace to meet and entertain Queen Victoria in 1844.

You show your audience a laminated picture of the great showman, together with six pictures of his most famous freaks of nature; the Human Skeleton, Chinese Giant, the Four-legged Lady, General Tom Thumb, Fat Lady, and Bearded Lady making a fascinating display across the table (or on a stand that you can make or supply your own).

Showing the six old photographs of the subjects mentioned above, together with their stage names, you propose an experiment and ask a member of the audience to use their latent psychic ability to choose the freak character you have predicted. Almost immediately five of the freaks are dismissed by the lady and eliminated, leaving just one.

Your prediction which has been in full view from the start is revealed and amazingly corresponds exactly with the lady’s choice!

No stooges, no rough & smooth. No sleights or skill required. This item is based on our popular trick Jack the Ripper but with a less grisly theme and comes with an improvement in the method that makes it much easier to perform.

Comes with laminated pictures cards of Barnham and six of his famed freaks (approx 5.5 x 3 75”, 14 x 9.5cms), envelope & instructions.

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