Ultra Zodiac Match

Ultra Zodiac Match

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Performers looking for something different will find this is the ideal effect using two sets of Zodiac cards.

You show two packets of Zodiac cards one with red backs and the other with blue backs, there are duplicate signs of the Zodiac in both sets.

Your spectator is asked to choose a Zodiac sign from say the RED-backed pack, positively no force is used, and their choice can be their very own Zodiac sign just as they wish.

The selected card is placed protruding crossways or facing upwards in its pile.

The packs are placed next to each other and the cards from each pile are turned over one-by-one and each pair of cards fail to match each other.

When they reach their selected card this and its equivalent face down card in the other pile are put to one side and the cards are once again turned over in sequence to see if they match each other.

None of the pairs of cards match, that is until the two cards laid aside are both turned over to show they are identical.

Next you make a magical pass over the two non-matching piles, these cards are again turned over two at a time to show magically all the signs are now matching!

This is the perfect double-whammy Zodiac effect. The cards can now be left for examination as they are not faked in any manner.

Comes with two sets of 12 Zodiac cards (approx 3.25 x 2.5”, 8 x 6cms), one set with red backs the other with blue backs & instructions.

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