Symbolistic Symbol Cards close-up size

Symbolistic Symbol Cards close-up size

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When I originally made myself Symbolistic, I soon realised that the same system employed could be used in many different ways. Please don’t confuse this trick with Symbolistic – while the smart secret utilised is similar; the effects and methods are totally different to each other.

What we offer here is a set of fifteen different symbol cards each with a sign on one side and a colourful back on the other side. The cards are not marked in any way and can be examined without revealing the clever techniques used, even by experienced magicians.

The symbol cards are shown to be a set of fifteen laminated cards suitable for experiments in telepathy & mindreading. The cards are mixed face down and then someone takes one. Immediately you know exactly which sign has been chosen and can reveal it in many different ways. For example, you can immediately reproduce their very symbol on an artist’s pad, slate, blackboard and so forth.

The sign chosen can instantly be described by you verbally - no hit & miss methods used. They simply picture the symbol in their mind, and without further ado you describe it exactly!

This is a stunning one-person utility mentalist prop that can also be used very successfully in a two-person telepathy act with your medium describing the audience’s choices again and again. We explain a simple but effective code.

No cue cards are necessary, and the ingenious symbol system can be learned in less than five minutes. No forces, no marked cards & impossible to detect.

Comes with instructions & symbol cards in CLOSE-UP size.
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