Bicycle Mene Tekel Deck - poker size

Bicycle Mene Tekel Deck - poker size

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Now made in red-backed poker sized Bicycle cards.

It is difficult to know who first invented this special deck of magician’s playing cards, but it was the late William Davis Leroy, a magical dealer of Boston USA, who gave it its unusual name.

This exciting pack of cards can be cut, and riffle shuffled to your heart’s content and used in many effects; we give you several in our comprehensive instructions, but you will soon be inventing many more of your own.

For example, a freely chosen card can be lost in the centre of the deck and with no sleight of hand you can cause it to jump to the top of the pack instantly.

Or a freely chosen card can be made to pass through the table when a spectator presses on the deck. Or a card can be freely chosen, and you can immediately reveal its name and value, then have it appear in your top pocket or elsewhere.

Or have a spectator name any card in the pack and you can show that the named the very card, you have previously put a large X on the back of it, the rest of the deck is shown to be unmarked.

Mentalists can put a red-backed card face out in a glass tumbler and allow anyone to freely choose any card from a blue-backed pack. When the two cards are checked they have taken a blue-backed duplicate of your prediction card!

All these tricks are easy to do with this useful deck of Bicycle playing cards, perfect for routines such as Card to Wallet and many others.

Comes with correctly assembled quality Bicycle poker sized playing cards & instructions.

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