Will Two Parts Match

Will Two Parts Match

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A great effect with not just one but FOUR surprising climaxes!

You show two sets of five half-cards, each card with half a car picture upon it. When two cards are matched there are actually five complete car pictures, each a different colour.

You explain that you will play a sort of matching game.

The idea being to match each car half with its matching other half, the two piles are placed face down, each pile containing one half of each car.

A spectator makes perfectly free choices until all half-cards have been matched with another face down half-card.

When you turn each pair of two half-cards over you show they have all amazingly created a completely matched car and all five of the cars (five pairs) match each other exactly.

When they ask how you did it, let them turn over your game card which tells them it is ‘Auto Suggestion’ for your startling applause-pulling climax!

Will Two Parts Match? is very easy to do and everything can be left for examination at the finish.

No marked cards or sleights are involved. You’ll learn this in less than ten minutes then carry it with you everywhere.

Perfect for Zoom performances.

Comes complete with ten half picture cards, special message card & instructions.

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