Chameleon Squares Streamer

Chameleon Squares Streamer

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A very good, easy, quick and highly visible effect where a black silk streamer shown freely all around and waved in the air magically changes into a beautiful multi-coloured streamer!

It can be worked in reverse too, just flick the multicolored streamer in the air and the colours disappear in the blink of an eye, leaving the streamer dark black.

Absolutely no skill is required to perform this startling effect. Totally self-contained, leaving you free to concentrate on your presentation.

You may show it as a single trick or in combination with other effects like a Colouring Book, Colouring Picture or Silk Dye effect.

Comes complete with silky Chameleon Squares Streamer (approx 7.25 x 44") & instructions.

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