Flight Path - close-up model

Flight Path - close-up model

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Effects concerning holidays are always popular. Sixteen laminated cards are given out to be examined and shuffled.

Each card has two different destinations printed on them; one is printed in red being a foreign country such as PARIS and the other in black such as MANCHESTER.

You point out that the black ones are in Great Britain and the red ones are overseas. Each card can be examined as there is no duplication or fakes used.

During the fascinating presentation that follows, two members of your audience each mentally select one of the destinations, one selects a black destination in Great Britain and the other spectator selects one in red that is overseas. Nothing is written down and there is no force.

You ask the first spectator thinking of their departure town or city in Great Britain to imagine himself on board an aeroplane at the airport flying from his chosen town or city, you then write something down and give it to this spectator to hold unseen but always in full view.

The second spectator imagines the plane arriving at her selected city abroad and you write your mentally received impressions on a second pad which she now holds on the opposite side of the stage, room or dinner table.

After each spectator show their chosen city, they themselves also reveal what you have written on their individual pads which they still hold, in each case you are spot on with their selections!

The only explanations appear that you have correctly read or controlled both of their minds! Please note there is no fishing, or one ahead involved.

No stooges or confederates, no advance or pre show work.
Once the spectators receive the writing pads you do not touch them, the participants themselves reveal your predictions.

Comes with sixteen cards & instructions. Use your own notepad & pen.

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