Sympathetic Spots

Sympathetic Spots

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You show three laminated cards each with a large RED spot on both sides, together with a further three cards with a large BLUE spot on both sides.

Then you hang with the mini bulldog clips, three red spotted cards on the left and three blue spotted cards on right of a stretched out white rope to show them well displayed to your audience.

Magically however, within a moment the hanging spots rearrange themselves in the order red, blue, red, blue, red, blue while still dangling from the rope!

It's the perfect trick to perform on any occasion, great as a closer to your act.

Comes complete with mini bulldog clips, length of rope (approx 36.5”, 93cms), six laminated spot cards (approx 5.75 x 4”, 14.5 x 10cms) & instructions.

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