ESP Cards Match

ESP Cards Match

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Imagine an audience member freely using their latent extra sensory perception to choose one card as their prediction from ten different ESP cards of Circle, Cross, Wavy Lines, Square and Star.

You turn your back and let the “psychic spectator” take one card quite freely then you ask her to hide the prediction that she took.

You now turn to face the audience and allow her to arrange the other ESP cards in a line.

Then the participant shows and names her psychic two-symbol prediction card and amazingly it exactly matches the two end signs in the row formed by the other spectators!

All this without your touching the cards and only giving simple directions.

This stunner can be performed as very mysterious mental magic.

You can present it repeatedly, the symbol combination is different each and every time, the ESP cards can be freely handled & examined by the audience as they are completely unfaked.

You can also be the psychic performer if you prefer, drawing a picture of your prediction on your business card or paper in advance if you wish. Easy to do.

Comes complete with the ten laminated poker sized ESP cards & instructions.

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