Four Jacks & a Queen - Table Hopping Pro size cards

Four Jacks & a Queen - Table Hopping Pro size cards

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The vanish of the queen in this effect is one of the neatest and utterly baffling that I have ever had the good fortune to perform.

In the 1970s, I first put out this trick as a close-up item using five Thomas Cook bridge sized playing cards; it was a clever vanish & reproduction of a Queen.

It wasn’t until much later in the 1980s when I needed a new item for table-hopping that I realised it would be better seen in a larger size.

I made myself just one set using silk-screen printing and it gave me about 20 years of performance life.

The above is what I am offering here, I have now reproduced them much more professionally and they should give you excellent service for many years.

You show five cards individually to the audience (no half cards or similar are used) one is the Queen of Hearts and the other four are Jack of Hearts, Spades, Diamonds and Clubs.

With no false moves the five-card packet is closed together and a mysterious pass is made over them.

The cards are now fanned out and counted, then shown back and front. The Queen has magically vanished into thin air.

“You may wonder where she has gone - perhaps she has popped off for a cup of tea at Buckingham Palace.” But no, you now take her from your pocket showing her freely then return her to your pocket and suddenly she changes places with the Jack of Spades which was in your hand a moment ago.

It has now jumped to your pocket and the Queen is in your hand!

Everything can now be left for examination without a clue to your mystery. No pockets or rough & smooth. Easy to do & perfect for Zoom, close-up & TV.

Comes complete with laminated playing cards (approx 5.5 x 3.5”, 14 x 8.5cms) & instructions.

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