Rabbit Surprise

Rabbit Surprise

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A white and a black rabbit placed inside two envelopes magically change places with each other, although the envelopes are marked black & white.

Your audience suspects that the rabbit pictures are double-sided, and they are right, you show that the black rabbit has another black rabbit on the opposite side and the white rabbit has another white rabbit on its opposite side.

Your audience now suspect that you have two rabbits inside each envelope and again they prove to be correct except the two extra rabbits prove to be pink and blue and the envelopes are proven to be absolutely empty otherwise.

But the audience are still suspicious, what about the other side of the two coloured rabbit cards, do they each have another picture on their backs? Yes, they do – but these prove to be pictures of the two colourful circus clowns that own the rabbits! You have neatly led your audience up the garden path so in the end they haven’t a clue.

Suitable for both children and adults, you will even fool other magicians, in fact everyone will fall for it every time you perform it.

No flaps and nothing stolen away. Nothing else is used save the two sets of pictures and unfaked envelopes which can be torn into small pieces and tossed into the audience at the finish of the routine if you wish.

Comes complete with laminated jumbo sized picture cards (approx 8 x 5.5”, 20 x 14cms), unfaked envelopes & instructions.

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