Wine, Beer & Spirits

Wine, Beer & Spirits

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The next time you go to your local, lay three pictures on the bar or table one being a glass of red wine, the second a picture of beer and the third a picture of spirits and wait for someone to ask what they are for.

When they ask - and they will, claim that it is a psychic game & you have predicted which of these three drink categories that the inquiring friend, acquaintance or barman will choose his drink from.

If you are wrong, you will buy them a drink no questions asked, but in fairness if you are right, they must buy you a drink with no questions asked.

Explain that if you fail, the wine they choose may be any they prefer, sparkling, red or white etc. The beer can be their favourite tipple & the spirits they can pick may be whisky, brandy or whatever they fancy.

Let them make their free choice from the three options on the table or bar without force and have them read out your prediction that has been in full view from the start.

Then sit back and enjoy your free drink which they will always pay for on your behalf as your prediction will always be 100% correct guaranteed. Cheers!

This clever trick is ideal to carry in your pocket all set for whenever someone asks you to show them a magic trick where alcohol is being served. Surprisingly easy to do.

Comes complete with laminated picture cards (approx 3.25 x 2.75”, 8 x 7cms), envelope & instructions.

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