Double Jeopardy ESP

Double Jeopardy ESP

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No, I am not suggesting that you should be tried twice for repeating a trick, I just thought it would be an eye-catching name for a stunning double climax ESP effect, so excuse my play on words I am guilty as charged.

You show five ESP testing cards with a Circle, Cross, Wavy Lines, Square and Star, and your spectator merely thinks of one of them (no force). Slowly you eliminate four of the cards leaving just one. Your participant names her free choice, you turn over the final card and incredibly it is the ESP symbol she has just named!

On the table right from the start there has been in full view a small envelope, you invite the lady to drop it on any one of the face down cards (again she uses her own free will), the card is turned over and let us say it is the Star (always a popular choice).

The spectator herself opens the envelope without your touching it, and inside is a duplicate Star card an exact match for her second choice. Double jeopardy and thoroughly baffled spectators!

Everything may be passed for examination at the end if you so wish. Surprisingly easy to do.

Comes complete with black & white ESP cards (approx poker size), small unfaked envelope & instructions.

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