Noah's Magic - Table Hopping Pro Size cards

Noah's Magic - Table Hopping Pro Size cards

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A charming effect based on the Bible story of Noah’s Ark

You show two sets of five picture cards, each card has a colourful cartoon animal on it which the children will love to name out loud as you show them.

You explain that Noah, he who built the Ark in the Bible, had great difficulty getting the animals to board his Ark two by two; the two dogs were barking at each other, the two cats were having a catfight and all the animals were mixed up together and just not co-operating with Noah in forming pairs.

Fortunately, Noah was an ace magician, and created the world’s very first magic spell, to organise the difficult creatures. The children can be involved in the spell which ends with the cards face down into individual sets of two, including the last pair of cards, these two beasts exactly match each other for example two elephants.

And when they turn over all the other pairs, they have all amazingly created matching mates for all the animals - giving you no less than FIVE startling, applause-pulling climaxes!

Noah’s Magic is very easy to do, and everything can be left for examination at the finish, no marked cards or sleights are involved. You’ll learn this in less than ten minutes then carry it with you everywhere.

Perfect for Zoom.

Comes complete with ten table-hopping pro sized picture cards, a special message card & instruction.

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