Can it be ESP? - Close-up size

Can it be ESP? - Close-up size

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One of the best matching card effects now with ESP cards.

You show two sets of five ESP cards, each set has a different coloured back one red and the other blue.

You explain that these are used in ESP matching experiments in which the chance of two or more symbol cards matching measures one’s latent ESP.

A spectator is given a free choice of one set of the five ESP cards, and you take the other, both of you turn the packet cards faces down while you give a short explanation about extra sensory perception.

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The packs are mixed and the order of the cards in each are changed in accordance with the gentleman’s wishes, and the cards from each of your packets are paired up at random accordingly.

The last two cards to be paired are turned face up and prove to be an exact match for each other, for example two Circles.

When the participant himself turns over all the other pairs incredibly it is found that all five sets of symbols match each other giving you five different climaxes! Can it really be ESP or amazing magic?

Very easy to do, and everything can be left for examination at the finish, no marked cards or sleights are involved. You’ll learn this in less than ten minutes then carry it with you everywhere. Perfect for Zoom.

Comes complete with ten ESP cards, a special message card & instructions.

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