Zenner Impossible

Zenner Impossible

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You show a single laminated card on which are listed six ESP signs. Two of the symbols are freely chosen by the throw of an ordinary die by two spectators.

You the mentalist draw on the back of your business card the two signs chosen before any choice is made!

Your two predictions can be made on any ordinary piece of card with a black marking pen, and the die can be a borrowed one, although one is supplied with the effect.

There is nothing “tricky” about the list on which the five symbols are printed in colour.

No mirrors, nothing forced, nothing to go wrong, no swami or similar gimmicks are used. No sleights or special skill is required. Take this stunner right out of your pocket and you are ready to perform it immediately.

If you wish you can even perform Zenner Impossible wearing a blindfold.

Comes with the unfaked single ESP display card with six different symbols printed on it in colour (approx 5 x 3.25”, 13 x 8cms), an ordinary marking pen & instructions.

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