Zodiac Code

Zodiac Code

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This is a first rate effect and can be a feature in your shows!

A card is selected and replaced.

You show several coloured paper bags that cover plastic glasses. Then you also show a board which carries the names and months of the year.

A spectator is is requested to name the month of his birth, let's say for example it is April.

The board is reversed showing many coloured squares and the correct month is arrived at using the month of his birth, for example GREEN.

The green bag is removed and a duplicate of the correct card is shown in the glass.

The other bags are removed and each glass contains banknotes, all are full of money (or other stuff if you prefer).

Zodiac Code somes with the colored board (that you can use for stage or parlor shows; use any deck and bags (Envelops etc) or wrap the glasses in different colour tissue paper, or cover with different colour silks ideal to use with coloured beakers, boxes etc.

The board is laminated to last you a lifetime and can be used in many other routines. Comes with full instructions

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