Alien Search

Alien Search

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Alien Search is an out of this world effect based on the theme of an extra-terrestrial and his flying saucer lost in outer space, two spectators are given the job to find them.

Perfect for the close-up, walkabout and stand-up entertainer, it has a baffling little-known method that is easy to do and quickly reset.

You show ten face down laminated picture cards (only ten are used – no extras). Two spectators, children or adults, each select a different card, and when these are shown to the audience it is seen that one is a picture of a little green alien & the other a picture of his flying saucer.

The audience naturally suspect that the remaining eight also match the two chosen pictures; in other words, you have ten cards that have either aliens or flying saucers upon them.

Reluctantly, you admit that the pictures you are left with are all the same and these are now turned faces upwards to show that this is partly true, but they do NOT match the two chosen cards. All these eight cards are completely blank, proof that the participants really have amazingly found the alien and his flying saucer who was lost in outer space!

The ten cards can now be left for the audience to examine to their hearts’ content. Alien Search is always ready to perform, no matter what the occasion. Easy to do.

Comes complete with ten laminated cards (approx 5.75 x 3.5”, 12 x 9cms) & instructions.

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