Reverse Numbers Clock

Reverse Numbers Clock

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Reversed numbers clocks are becoming a popular novelty appearing in the most unlikely places, perhaps a sign of our upturned world; we thought it was time for an effect along these lines.

You show your, “Reversed numbers clock” all the times are on the clock face are reversed, making no sense at all. A gentleman from the audience is asked to think of any hour of the day from 1.00 am to 12 noon. A second participant is asked to call out any number from 15 to 25.

You start to tap the hour numbers on the clock face in a haphazard order and the gentleman is asked to add one to their hour with each tap. When he reaches the total given by the second volunteer, he is to call out stop.

This he does and he is amazed to find that he has stopped you exactly on his mentally chosen hour.

That is not all, another spectator chooses an hour and minutes on the clock, let’s say he chooses 09.30, but you seem to be having difficulty tapping the correct numbers on the clock so you say you will have a look at the back of the clock to work out what is wrong.

You turn the clock around displaying the back of the clock and in bold numbers is the exact time the spectator is thinking of for your superb climax of a very different kind of effect!

Should you wish to repeat the trick for the same audience the time shown on the back of the clock will be different. The laminated clock face is large enough for stand-up and cabaret shows and requires no difficult calculations or anything similar. Very easy to do.

Comes complete with reversed clock card (approx 9 x 7.75”, 23 x 19.5cms), timecards & instructions.

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