Jesus is Always There - table-hopping pro size cards

Jesus is Always There - table-hopping pro size cards

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A Christian magic effect. Several small jumbo sized picture cards are shown. The cards are mixed together then a spectator turns a card face up to show it is the Devil trying to tempt her.

This is repeated until only one card is still face down and, in each case, only Devils with their various lures have shown their faces.

Who will save us from all these devilish goings on?

But what of the card that is still face down? all the Devil pictures are fanned out and turned face down bringing the last card among them face up.

Sure enough, it is a picture of Jesus who has appeared just in time to save us all from the machinations of the evil devils of this world!

Based on a very clever principle by George Sands. The possibilities are almost endless; while the above routine is perfect for Easter, Sunday schools and other religious occasions you are sure to come up with some wonderful variations yourself.

Everything can be examined. No skill is required, and the effect is almost self-working.

Comes complete with laminated picture cards (approx 5.5 x 3.75”, 14 x 9.5cms) & instructions.

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