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The multiplying spots card effect, with an unexpected climax.

You show a jumbo-sized card with a single red spot on it and turn it over to show four spots on its second opposite side. Turn it over again and there are three spots on its third side, turn it once more and there are six spots on its fourth side.

Really there are only two sides to the card yet in your patter you name four sides each with a different number of spots showing on each side.

You can repeat the above sequence again showing one, two, three and six spots on the seemingly multiple sides of the card.

You ask how many spots the audience has seen and before they can answer suddenly your jumbo card drops open to double its size, revealing the inner sides covered with multicoloured spots as you quip, “Spots, I’ve got hundreds of ‘em!”

This is a super gag trick guaranteed to break the ice in both your children and adults’ shows. Smashing as an opener or if you are the MC in between introducing the other acts or events.

Lies at the bottom of your performance bag and requires no get ready. Very easy to do and an absolute winner every time.

Comes complete with laminated special spot card (approx 8 x 5.75”, 20.5 x 14.5cms closed) & instructions.

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