Comedy Ever Changing Prediction

Comedy Ever Changing Prediction

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A comedy trick where your prediction keeps on changing until you get the right card.

You show a jumbo prediction card that is the correct suit for the spectator’s chosen playing card, the Queen of Hearts, but your participant tells you it is not the right card. So, you turn over your prediction saying, “Oops wrong side” now showing four hearts. Still wrong, turn it over again and show three hearts on its third side, wrong again, turn it once more and there is six hearts on its fourth side.

Really there are only two sides to the card, yet in your patter you name four sides, each with a different number of red hearts showing on each side.

You can repeat the above sequence again but this time when you get to the fourth side and again claim the Six of Hearts – your audience will draw your attention to the fact there are now only FIVE hearts on the card.

Panic stations, “I’ve lost my heart!” You declare, and you explain all about your ever-changing heart card letting the audience into the secret and asking the lady to reveal her chosen card, she names the Queen of Hearts and you say, “Today you madam are the queen of all our hearts!”

Suddenly your jumbo card drops open to double its size, revealing a large Queen of Hearts card as you say, “Why didn’t you say so in the first place? I have her right here the Queen of Hearts – tarah!”

Perfect for weddings, engagement parties, St Valentine’s day, wedding anniversaries and all romantic occasions. This is a great gag trick and guaranteed to break the ice with even the hardest of audiences.

Smashing as an opener or if you are the MC between introducing the other acts or other events.

Sits at the bottom of your performance bag and requires no get ready. Very easy to do and an absolute winner every time.

Comes with laminated heart folder (approx 7. 25 x 5.5”, 18 x 14cms closed) & instructions. Use your own pack of playing cards.

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