Nudist Dice

Nudist Dice

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A super close-up trick that you can carry in your pocket using two blank dice.

Reach into your pocket and take out two bare dice explaining that you purchased them from a shop that sells items to members of the nudist community quipping, “They’re naked!”

You can have the dice examined as there is nothing special about them, pointing out that there are no electrical attachments or anything similar, no trap doors or hidden lovely assistants.

Roll the dice on the table mentioning that different numbers come up each time as the dice are not loaded in any way.

Explain that only really intelligent people can see the number dots on the dice, similar to the famous story The Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Anderson.

Ask someone who seems to be going along with the gag to roll the two dice and check they come up with different numbers each time. Once satisfied, say you will turn your back and he is to throw the dice one last time and remember the top numbers on each die.

Ask if he has them, he can then enter them into his mobile or write them down so that the rest of the audience know what they are. None of this is seen by you as your back is turned.

In order to confuse you he is allowed to do some mental arithmetic either in his head or on his mobile (nothing that is too difficult).

You now correctly announce the two numbers the spectators are only thinking about to everyone’s complete amazement.

Now follows a gag line that ends this ice-breaking effect on a guaranteed laughter note that you are going to really enjoy using!

Comes complete with two blank dice, an extra alternative routine & instructions in which you reveal a selected playing card.. Kindly note dice supplied are square and not long as per the picture.

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