Carry On Shopping

Carry On Shopping

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A double-whammy mindreading comedy effect.

A lady in your audience names an item of grocery shopping calling out its name and its price. You claim to have predicted her choice in advance, let’s say it is cereal at £1.75 (USA $1.75, Euros 1.75).

You now say that on the back of a card is your prediction of her selection and you turn it over to show a large barcode which you say represents cereal retailing at £1.75.

Of course, everyone thinks it’s all a gag until you say, “If you think I couldn’t predict your choice in advance, then how do you explain this?” and the card drops open to double its size revealing a giant colourful picture of a large packet of breakfast cereal!

This fantastic effect can be performed without the lady leaving her seat and is an ideal audience-warmer for both mentalists and magicians. The trick is also great for slightly older children’s shows.

Comes with a laminated jumbo-sized shopping list folder & instructions.

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