Incredible Voodoo by Albert Spackman - Table-hopping pro size

Incredible Voodoo by Albert Spackman - Table-hopping pro size

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Our improved version is arguably the very best effect of its kind that will stick in your audience’s memory & keep them talking about you.

To appropriate patter about the strange powers of Voodoo, you display various picture cards of a human figure, each of which has a large red X marked on different parts of their anatomy, head, chest, arm, leg and so on.

One large human figure card without an X is placed face down in full view as your victim, the other cards are given to an audience member to freely mix and select one. The chosen card is turned face upwards, and the position of its red X is noted by all.

After some Voodoo mumbo-jumbo, the large previously put aside card is turned over by a spectator. Chillingly, part of the figure corresponding with the chosen card is now missing!

In the original version released by Unique Magic, there was a small give-away, and an observant onlooker could perhaps spot how it was done. In our improved model this has been eliminated. An unusual trouble-free trick for any occasion, carry it in your pocket ready to perform. A limited number will be released.

Comes with instructions & picture cards in Table-Hopping Pro size.

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