Hers, His and Mine - Mre

Hers, His and Mine - Mre

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Congratulations to Richard Ballinger for winning the Bristol Magical Society Comedy Magic Club award, using Hers, His and Mine as his opening effect.

At last the perfect presentation of ‘Just Chance’, you show three jumbo size laminated cards each a different colour and three envelopes which are seen to be empty. One card is placed into each envelope as you explain that you are about to influence a lady to choose one particular colour.

Without leaving her seat in the audience a lady volunteers and chooses any one of the three colours – when you turn over her chosen colour in big bold letters on the opposite side it says ‘HERS’.

Perhaps the audience are not too impressed by this so you explain that gentlemen are not so easily influenced by colours but by numbers – the two envelopes are now shown to each have a single digit but different number on the opposite side.

A gentleman volunteer, without leaving his seat, calls out either of the numbers and the card in this envelope is removed and freely shown – it says ‘HIS’ in big bold letters.

You, the performer, are left with just one card that you show contains just the one bold word ‘MINE’ – you point out that neither of the two participants chose this card – which you are really pleased about because you had a little bet with yourself – so saying you reveal that it has a genuine £50 note attached to it proving beyond doubt that you really did control the two spectators’ minds!

Ideal as an opening effect – but perform it anytime, popular with all kinds of audiences.
An alternative routine is supplied for same sex spectators.

Easy to do with the special apparatus we supply.

Only £19.99

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