The Ultra Spirit Message

The Ultra Spirit Message

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You play the part of a psychic and show four double-sided blank cards, with a handkerchief or paper napkin you casually wipe the upper and lower surface of each card showing that all four are completely blank on both sides, then lay them in a row upon the table.

A spectator is asked to indicate any two blank cards, these are sandwiched together, and the lady holds them between her palms.

A playing card is selected, or it may be a word or number, and you call upon the spirits to reveal her selection on the blank cards. Upon sliding them apart however nothing is found.

A few moments later they are separated again and still nothing is discovered. Finally, on the third attempt, the lady parts the two cards and her chosen playing card eerily materialises over the entire side of one card!

All four cards may be left with the sitters. Alternatively, a spirit message covers the entire side of one card revealing the chosen word or number.

Comes with several double-blank playing cards, two different playing cards, Dr Jacob Daley’s routine & instructions.

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