Angel Flight Card

Angel Flight Card

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Do you believe in angels? Your audiences certainly will when you perform this masterpiece of exciting different card magic.

Announcing that you have a guardian angel that will do your magical bidding, you show a deck of playing cards and a spectator chooses one by freely cutting the pack at any point.

You now show to cards to be blank on all four sides - these white cards represent two white clouds from heaven which angels rest upon when visiting Mother Earth. The cards are held firmly between the hands of a person of good will and from this moment onwards you don't touch them again.

The selected card is placed face upwards into the centre of the face down deck, which in turns is held between the palms of some other good honest citizen or if none are present, anyone will do!

You now explain that the chosen card represents the soul of a dearly departed and your angel will help transport it to Heavenly glory - a magic word is uttered and the pack is spread faces upwards revealing at the centre the single face down card selected card.

Any spectator removes the card and turns it over to find it is now completely blank - the rest of the pack is shown and the chosen card (soul) really has departed from this life, where can it be?

The two blank cards which have been held in full view by a spectator are now separated and there printed on one of them is the chowsen card (soul) where it has safely arrived in Paradise!

The patter can be presented either tongue in cheek or seriously as you prefer - the magic is exceptionally strong and extremely entertaining yet very easy to do.

Comes with the necessary fake cards & instructions. Use your own Bicycle playing cards.

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