Four Queens - Jumbo size cards

Four Queens - Jumbo size cards

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A super Queen version of the evolved B'Wave effect and Dream Queen.

You take out a folder containing four playing cards and say to your audience, "Here are the four queens of diamonds, clubs, spades and hearts.

I would like someone to choose one of these suits, and I predict that you will choose the hearts, but you can change it to a clubs, spades, or diamonds if you like.”

A spectator comes forwards and makes her own free choice, and you retort, “I thought you would pick that suit!”
Then to prove your statement you take out the cards from your folder so everyone can get a closer look. There are no other cards left inside the folder which can be tossed empty to one side.

You fan the four cards and let’s say her choice is the Queen of Clubs. "When I fan out the four cards, only the queen of clubs card is face up!”

As further proof that you correctly predicted her choice in advance, when you turn her face down, the back colour of the chosen card is different from the other three cards being BLUE while the three others are red!

No force is used. It doesn't matter which suit the participant chooses you will always be 100% correct.

Only four playing cards are used, and no sleights are involved whatsoever. Very easy to do and one can reset it immediately.

Comes with a set of special laminated playing cards A5 Jumbo (approx 7.5 x 5.5”, 19 x 13.75cms), folder & instructions.

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