Emotions, Moods & Feelings Close up size

Emotions, Moods & Feelings Close up size

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Emotions, moods & feelings are psychological states usually brought on by neurophysiological changes in the brain, variously associated with thoughts, feelings, and behavioural responses, and a degree of pleasure or displeasure.

There is currently no scientific consensus on a definition.

All of us have experienced them to one degree or another, so they are familiar to us all.

When I came upon some Emoji pictures depicting these feeling I thought they would have an instant impact with my audiences if used correctly. As soon as I tried them with the following trick, I knew I had struck gold.

You display several Emoji pictures cards to your audience describing what they represent and have a volunteer (I used a lady) step forwards and freely choose one (no force) without allowing you or anyone else to see her choice.

She is then asked to recall, in her mind only, some past event or occasion when she last experienced the freely chosen emotion, mood or feeling.

Incredibly you appear to tune into her mind or imagination and slowly reveal not only her choice, but other details associated with the occasion she is merely thinking about to the amazement of your audience!

No difficult memory work is involved, and surprisingly easy to do.

Comes complete with a set of Thirteen lamented Emoji mood picture cards either in Close-up or Table-hopping Pro sizes as you choose & instructions.

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