Comedy Drinks Cards - Close-up size

Comedy Drinks Cards - Close-up size

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A great effect suitable for wherever drinks are being served!

You show six laminated picture cards each of which has the name of an alcoholic drink on its face, such as Prosecco, Gin, Whisky and so forth, each one has a poster and comment on it, all of them are good for a laugh.

Once the cards have been shown and mixed together any spectator freely (no force) chooses one and conceals it in their hand, they are then told to imagine they are enjoying their selected drink.

Now you can pretend to smell their breath or touch your finger on the back of their closed hand, then touch the tip of the finger to your tongue and instantly you correctly name the freely chosen alcohol every time! Can be repeated all evening if you wish and rest assured you are never wrong.

The picture cards are not marked or gimmicked in any way, and each has the same back design as the others.

*No secret marks or similar used.
*No force – always a completely free choice.
*Can be repeated indefinitely.
*Perfect for any social occasion.
*Cards can be examined at any time
*Very easy to do. Cheers!

Comes complete with picture cards for close-up & instructions.

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