ESP Easy, Simple, Perfect

ESP Easy, Simple, Perfect

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Showing two envelopes of different sizes, one inside the other, you remove five regular-sized ESP cards which you mix and then ask a spectator to pick any one of the cards (no force) and slip it inside an envelope.

This envelope is then placed inside the other bigger envelope, so it is impossible to see the freely chosen ESP sign, but amazingly you can now either name it or draw it on your business card or a piece of paper!

Is it truly ESP? well no, but it is easy to do requiring very little practice and is a great convincing piece of magic to carry in your pocket ready to perform for any suitable occasion.

We also explain a further trick that you can perform with the supplied cards and envelopes. In this case the packet of five cards is shuffled and a spectator cuts them as many times as he wishes before they are sealed into the two envelopes.

Yet you can correctly name the order that the five ESP symbols are now in, and anyone can write down the order as you give them before the envelopes are opened and the symbol cards inside are checked!

Comes complete with five ESP Poker sized cards, envelopes & instructions.

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