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Most Professional magicians would agree that being able to locate the spectators freely chosen card is the basic ingredient to all good card magic plots, Once you have the secret of pro-location you can do so easily in the cleanest and most practical manner possible. Read on for this devastating effect:

You show a pack of playing cards and genuinely shuffle and cut it – even with the faces towards the audience if you so wish. Placing the pack face down in front of a spectator, you turn your back and have her cut the pack anywhere allowing everyone except you, the performer, to see the freely chosen card.

The pack is then reassembled exactly as it was and still with your back turned the pack can be cut by spectators several times – it is obvious that you couldn’t possibly know which card was so freely chosen and then returned to the pack.

Simply take the pack and fan it out and you instantly know the very card that the spectator has merely cut to – you can then reveal her selection in any manner of different ways – we give you several ideas but you will soon be thinking up many more once you know the clever secret.

Please note the following points:

• Playing cards are genuinely shuffled at the start.
• No peeking after you turn your back on the proceedings.
• The participant can cut the pack at any point, no force.
• Use your own cards, we send a sample fake for a Bicycle deck – but you can easily adapt this to any pack of cards – yes, even a Tarot pack!
• Very easy to do but utterly stunning even to magicians who may know all the other location methods and sleights.
• You will love its sure-fire simplicity – and NO you don’t note the bottom card of the pack’ use a shiner or anything similar!

Supplied complete with a sample fake for a Bicycle deck yet it is very simple to adapt this to any pack, plus full instructions for fifteen fantastic tricks.

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