The Lady Didn't Like Card Tricks - Table hopping Pro size

The Lady Didn't Like Card Tricks - Table hopping Pro size

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“Last night, I asked a lady if she liked card tricks, she said, ‘no’. ‘In that case,’ I replied, ‘I’ll only show you one.’ I gave her some playing cards and asked her to cut them, so she took out a pair of scissors and cut them into halves – here they are!”

You show two packets of jumbo half-cards, which are mixed. Your spectator chooses one half of the cut cards and freely selects a half-card, the other half-pack is left in full view face down.

The lady leaves her chosen half-card face up in her half-packet and this pack is placed alongside yours so both half-packets are face down.

A few mystic movements are made over the cards by you then both of you turn the top card of your packs face upwards to show they are different and don’t match each other. This is continued until the participant’s face-up half-card is reached and incredibly it matches the corresponding card in your pile!

Both packets are turned face down again leaving the chosen card and its mate still facing up.

A magic word and when you both start dealing face up in unison from the top again each card matches perfectly making a stunning applause-pulling climax to this incredible effect.

Everything can be left for examination; there is just no clue to the mystery. Easy to do.

Comes with instructions and two sets of thirteen half-cards in Table-hopping pro size.

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