Just Add Water

Just Add Water

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I was looking for a comedy finish to my close-up performances when I remembered a story reported in the UK press about Tommy Cooper slipping something into his taxi driver’s hand saying, “Have a drink on me!” Later when the driver looked, he found it was a humble tea bag!

A spectator has been helping you with a trick, so you ask him to choose one of three drinks as his reward. Then you show three laminated cards each with a picture of a beverage, these being a cup of tea, coffee, and hot chocolate.

Let’s say he chooses a cup of tea – you tip the prediction envelope that has been in full view since the start over into his hand and out drops a tea bag as you quip, “Have this one on me!”

There is no force, and you are always correct no matter which of the three drinks they choose, your participant ends up with either a tea bag, a coffee sachet or a hot chocolate sachet. As you quip, “Have a drink on me - just add hot water!”

Comes with laminated picture cards (approx 5.75 x 4”, 14.5 x 10cms) & instructions. Use your own drink sachets.

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