Famous Films Mystery - Jumbo size cards

Famous Films Mystery - Jumbo size cards

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A startling revelation of freely chosen movies

You show several laminated cards that list one hundred well-known films on each side and allow members of you audience to select any movie they wish (no force) and then to concentrate on their freely chosen film.

Incredibly you then start to get impressions of the stars and plots of each individual movie being concentrated on finally correctly naming each one by its title!

*Nothing is written down
*All the film titles are genuine ones
*Only the skill of presentation is required
*NOT based on the Age Cards principle
*Cards are laminated for long life
*No one ahead or one behind used
*8asy to do – no sleights involved
*Movies are always of topical interest
*Perform close-up, cabaret or stage
*Choice of films are a free choice (No Force)
*Only 50 sets of each size will be released
*Exclusive to us
*Available in two sizes Jumbo & Table-hopping

Comes complete with special Film Titles cards in the size you select & instructions.

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