Oriental Mystery

Oriental Mystery

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Oriental Mystery is a new version of a clever effect perfect for your close-up and table-hopping shows.

You take out a pack of playing cards which can be shuffled and show two prediction envelopes which you explain contain predictions made by your oriental friend Okito residing in Japan.

The cards are now dealt individually face down until someone calls stop and the first envelope is inserted in the deck at this point. This is repeated for the second envelope and in this manner the two cards next to the envelopes are taken by two members of the audience. The two envelopes are opened, and the two chosen cards are turned faces upwards, but these are in Oriental style lettering and make no sense at all. However, you pretend to translate them, naming the two cards that have been selected, eventually when your audience thinks it is just a gag, you are able to turn over the cards to show both your predictions are correct!

We give you two sets of oriental prediction cards enabling you to repeat the trick with a different choice of cards and can vary your choice when table-hopping. We also suggest two different ways of presenting this baffling but comical effect. You can use any deck of cards (even a borrowed one). We also suggest a stunning additional climax using a blank-faced pack. No sleight of hand required & the effect is easy to do.

Comes with four prediction pictures, two envelopes & instructions. Use your own pack of playing cards.

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