Impromptu Newspaper Test

Impromptu Newspaper Test

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This stunning impromptu magic item by Stuart Robson is among the very best and cleanest way of presenting the ever-popular newspaper test.

In the past I have used this effect to impress newspaper reporters, cabaret and stage audiences and it has always proven to be an applause-puller.

There is little or no advance preparation and all you have to do is to pick up a copy of the local newspaper on the way to your gig and you can be ready in seconds to perform a miracle.

There is nothing else seen by the audience except the newspaper, no dice, adding up columns of numbers or anything similar.

A simple classified advertisement is selected by your audience member in a straightforward and fair manner and concentrated upon, and amazingly you go on to reveal the advertisement in a most convincing manner, so convincing in fact that they can only believe you have read their mind as there can be no other explanation!

The newspaper can be left for examination, everything is completely clean at the finished with no clue to the mystery. No skill is required; you will learn it in minutes & can present it in your own inimitable style with complete success.

The clever method used has many other uses for mentalists & magicians and this alone is worth more than double the small price for the method we explain in our booklet.

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