Mouse Monte - with Jumbo sized cards

Mouse Monte - with Jumbo sized cards

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Three pictures are shown to be your playful pet Monte the Mouse, and two evil looking cats who you explain are out to catch Monte Mouse.

The Mouse is now turned back outwards, so is one of the cat pictures and the three cards are mixed together, now follows a fun game in which the boys and girls try to guess, with a show of hands, which card is the mouse amongst the three cards, but the joke is on them for each time they end up picking a wicked-looking cat card, eventually only one picture card remains and that also turns out to be a cat – mischievous Monte the Mouse has vanished completely. Where can he be?

Perhaps he is hiding from the naughty cats, so the children are told to look inside their pockets and so forth, but there is just no sign of Monte Mouse anywhere.

Suddenly you feel a movement inside your pocket and eventually find him as a cut-out figure hiding for safety inside your jacket or wherever you like him to reappear from!

We also explain how you can have the cut-out mouse appear on a child’s back without any pins or other sharp items.

Goes down very well with children and adults alike. Very popular with senior citizens. Sits flat into the bottom of your case and is ideal when you need something different or have a little extra time to fill in your show.

Comes with plastic covered Jumbo sized picture cards, with cut-out mouse & instructions.

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