The Cord & Card Mystery

The Cord & Card Mystery

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When ideas-man Ken de Courcy first told me about this effect, I couldn’t wait to be able to offer it to our customers.

De Courcy sent me the full details but unfortunately, I was rushed off to hospital before it could be typed up into a manuscript, then just after I was discharged from hospital, I heard that De Courcy had sadly died. The manuscript was then filed away, and it has only recently seen the light of day – so at long last here it is.

Two playing cards are chosen from a deck of 52 by two spectators. They shuffle the cards back into the pack themselves, then place the deck back into its case. A long length of cord is now wound round the case the two ends of which are held by the two participants who are then asked to mentally picture their cards.

Following this, one of the spectators is requested to remove the deck from the case. The participant attempts to do so only to find that amazingly the pack has completely vanished leaving behind just the very two cards that were chosen! Everything can be left for examination with no clue to your stunning mystery.

Full method described in our booklet. Use your own playing cards & rope

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