Sympathetic Symbols

Sympathetic Symbols

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An incredible double prediction using ESP symbols, perfect to perform with just married or engaged couples or on two people selected from your audience.

You show a bunch of small cards each with a different sign on it, the type that are used to test ESP.

You write a double prediction which is given to an audience member for safekeeping and never touched by you again.

The ESP cards are shuffled and mixed then held firstly between the palms of the gentleman, who allows them to slowly drop and scatter on the tabletop; any that drop face-down are removed and this is continued until just one symbol is left which is noted by all.

The lady now also does the same with the cards until she has a different sign as her choice.

Your prediction is opened to show that you have exactly predicted these very two symbols and if you wish you can give a positive reading of the psychic meaning of these two signs in relation to the couple’s immediate future!

Comes complete with mini ESP cards (approx 3.24 x 2.5”, 8.5 x 6.5cms) & instructions.

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