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A spymaster is a director of intelligence; usually leading a vast network of spies all around the world. As the head of a clandestine spy agency his job is gathering intelligence files that have been strategically divided and using them to manoeuvre agents across the globe. Some of the agents they use could be secret double agents and it is the spymaster’s job to seek them out and expose them.

You show three pictures of active spies, two male and one female, explaining that you will appoint a spymaster from among your spectators to tackle the job of exposing any double agent in their midst.

Is it beginners’ luck? or does your “new recruit” truly have the aptitude for the job as subsequently and correctly, without fail (and no force) he identifies the deadly double agent thus saving the nation from harm, jailing the traitor for many years to come!

Spymaster is the perfect impromptu prediction effect with an unusual plot that is easy to perform and ideal for close-up and small audiences.

Comes complete with table-hopping pro sized laminated picture cards, envelope & instructions.

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