Grand National - jumbo sized cards

Grand National - jumbo sized cards

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The Grand National is a very popular National Hunt horserace held annually at Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool, England, run over four miles 514 yards (6,907 km). Here we offer an exciting magic routine featuring pictures of five horses, each with a name so that you play the “sport of kings” with four members of your audience.

Four spectators each select a horse remembering its name and sealing it into an examined empty envelope. The fifth and last horse is left for you.

You also place your own horse into a fifth envelope and the envelopes are mixed by an audience member. You then announce that the race has started - and they are off! each of you calling out for your horse letter by letter using its name.

Lots of fun as you give a commentary on the race’s progress as one-by-one various horses are eliminated and declared losers until only one horse is left in the race, and yes, you have guessed it, it is the horse that the spectators left for you, exactly as you have predicted.

When you open your envelope not only does it have the picture and name of your horse but lots of real banknotes as well, making you the obvious winner!

Comes with five named horse picture cards in Jumbo Size, envelopes & instructions.

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