Dollar v Pound

Dollar v Pound

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A close-up prediction with a difference!

You show a small pack of laminated picture cards half of which have a red £ sign on them and the other half a green $ sign, a spectator decides if they want to have Dollars or Pounds. Let’s say they choose Pounds.

You make a prediction, which is held in full view by another spectator.

With the deck face down the spectator freely shuffles and cuts the pack and then deals them in sets of two cards; if the two cards are pounds he keeps them for himself; should they be dollars he passes them to you, should they mismatch i.e. a dollar and a pound then these cards are eliminated.

During the dealing the spectator may shuffle or cut the pack again at anytime he wishes. So the result is always different each time you perform it.

When both yours and the spectator’s cards have been counted it is seen that you both have a different amount of cards to each other.

Your prediction is now checked and to everyone’s total bewilderment you have exactly predicted the result - you now make a second prediction and the cards are mixed and shuffled before being dealt again producing a totally different result that you have also correctly predicted!

The cards and both predictions can be left with and carefully examined by the audience, as they are not faked.

This is one of the BEST predictions ever and is almost entirely self-working. No switching of prediction, no sleights or suspicious moves & surprisingly easy to do. You will even fool yourself and it will stun your audience.

Comes with a pack of 24 laminated Dollar and Pound cards (approx 3.5 x 2.5", 9 x 6.25cms) & instructions.

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