Snapper Puzzle Collector's Edition

Snapper Puzzle Collector's Edition

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The Snapper Puzzle is a classic magical piece of kit that seems impossible till you know the clever secret.

You show a wooden cylinder with a hole running through it. At the bottom of the hole a rubber band is threaded across the cylinder.

A small plunger with a hook at one end and a knob or cap at the other is pushed into the cylinder and twisted by you, apparently threading the rubber band over the hook.

When the cap is pulled out and released, the plunger snaps back into the cylinder by the action of the elastic.
Having demonstrated this once or twice, you hand it over to a spectator to try.

No matter how much he tries, the spectator just cannot thread the elastic band over the hook!

Comes with quality deluxe mahogany wood Snapper Puzzle (approx 4.75", 12cms long), elastic bands & instructions.

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