Banking Mystery - table-hopping pro size

Banking Mystery - table-hopping pro size

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Here is a superb easy-to-do effect that is suitable for all close-up and table-hopping performances.

You show four picture cards each with a British Pound sign upon them and a further four each depicting an American Dollar. The cards are completely unfaked and may be examined by any audience member.

The four Pound cards are placed in one pile and the four Dollar cards into a second pile. To an amusing patter story, the Pounds and Dollars repeatedly change places – magically jumping from one pile to the other! It truly is bewildering to watch but oh-so-easy-to-do.

This is one of the most entertaining routines available today. Both you and your audiences will love it.

There is no special set-up, just take the cards from your pocket, show them and you are all ready to go. Banking Mystery is a wonderful slick effect for walkabout and similar engagements. It is also perfect for small sized parties, such as birthdays and weddings. In fact, you will perform this just about anywhere and everywhere.

Comes complete with picture cards (approx 5 x 3.5”, 13 x 9cms) & instructions.

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