Witch Finder General - Table Hop Pro card size

Witch Finder General - Table Hop Pro card size

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We first marketed this effect over 10 years ago; and all our stock was sold out in just three days. We have remade this effect once again it it is back in stock NOW!

Fact is far stranger than fiction: Which is exactly what you demonstrate with an incredible TRUE story featuring the seventeenth-century self-styled Witch Finder General Matthew Hopkins together with six of the “Witches” he hunted down.

Seven freely shuffled picture cards are laid face down on the table for a seventeenth-century style ‘Trial of the Witches’. Both you and an audience member point the “finger of suspicion” at six of the accused and they are eliminated and executed by hanging, burning at the Stake or “Swum” (to an unfortunate end) that only ‘proved’ their innocence.

Only one of the seven left the court alive that day in the year of our Lord 1633 – but we are not going to tell you the ending, sufficient to say that it is logical, probably accurate – and very strange indeed!

You are just going to love presenting this chilling and thought-provoking routine. No marked cards are used. The effect is very easy to do – you just have to present it as outlined in the instructions. Can also be presented as a prediction.

Comes with seven specially printed and laminated picture cards (approx 5.5 x 3.5", 14 x 9cms) & instructions.
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